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About us

Our Culture

Our company culture promotes an atmosphere of constant improvement, growth and leadership. It is rooted at all times with our internal and external values. It flows from our team work to our satisfied clients.  We strive to comply with international standards, on security and environmental protection and work towards constant growth and development of our natural resources.

  • Mission

Our MISSION is to provide products and services of excellent quality efficiently and of superior values for the textile industry worldwide. In retribution, our clients allow us to maintain a leadership on sales and benefits that helps to the creation of assets.  Thus contributing to harmony and prosperity for the people, and our shareholders

  • Vision

Our VISION is focused in being a top business in the introduction of new applications and influencing fashion via the use of the Drytex®  fiber.

Reaching this way a sustained annual growth in the EBITDA and leading the regional and local market based on:
Service- Offer a  high quality service of technical training and  rapidly supply for our clients  so that they can consider us,  as strategic partners for the growth of their business.

Product- Provide products that energize the textile industry and reduces costs and save time in the internal production of our clients.

Demand generators- promote activities that generate a Drytex®  fiber consumption which is sustainable in time and attractive for the final consumer.

  • Commitment

Our COMMITMENT is with the well-being and the growth of our collaborators and of society. We are an organization that strives to generate success and prosperity.

  • Values

Our VALUES commit us towards Human Rights since we believe in offering a secure environment, of growth and opportunities for our workers. We believe that they as well as our clients are the key of our success.