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Sustainable development

Preservation of the environment

Health and responsibility are the two words that we at Sudamericana de Fibras S.A have always in mind when   making decisions on how to protect our environment.

Constant research has allowed us to implement cutting edge technology orientated to minimize the impact that generates our production of fibers on nature.

We have also reduced in a meaningful way the gas emissions of greenhouse gases with the launch of our cogeneration plant in 2009.  We also have gas scrubbers designed to absorb the organic fumes that comes form the plant so we can release pure and breathable air.

Our most important compromise is to obey the international and local environmental laws, regulations and agreements at all times.

A point that sets us apart as a company is care of water. Our modern plant of revert osmosis doesn’t require chemical products for treatment. Our liquid emissions are subjected to a previous treatment before being sent back to the sea.

We have always had as a priority for our company that our environmental management is orientated to assure that the ecosystems that surround us is not affected by negative impacts.

We are seeking that our community, families and future generations can grow in a healthy environment.