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Sustainable development


We are committed to the preservation of our natural resources, that’s why we obey the international and local environmental laws, regulations and agreements.  We implement projects to improve and introduce cutting edge technology in our processes; this helps us minimize the production impacts of our fibers on nature. 

We have equipment and machinery that are airtight to prevent the loose of chemical products into the environment, this way preventing contamination. We also use gas scrubbers designed to absorb the organic gases and to recover them for the production process.

Since 2004 we use natural gas as a source of energy in our plants because it is less polluting than oil. We have implemented since 2009 the first cogeneration plant in Peru, replacing the natural gas for hot gasses as a source of energy of our boilers, thus we reduce the CO2 emissions to the environment.
We are aware of the value of water and this has led us to the use of revert osmosis for its purification avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals

We believe in a healthy community and in constant growth and commit every day to make a positive impact on it.

Also we provide training workshops for men and women so they can achieve with heir creativity and effort, an improvement in the family basket through fabrics.