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At Sudamericana de Fibras S.A we have products of great quality, specially designed   to respond to the needs and demands of the market which is increasingly competitive.

  • Tow (cable) in bright colors, super matte, semi matte and white and black colors. This product once turned into tops is used to make long fiber yarn for knitting, hosiery, flat woven dress and for the home, table den, velvet and upholstery.


  • Staple Fiber it’s produced in different lengths from 20mm till 145mm and with the same shades as Tow. It’s perfect for being used in yarn sweaters, ponchos, leather imitation, plush or terrycloth and tapestry.
  • Tops /Bumps results from the breaking process and combing tow that leads to a cut wool type. Its final use is meanly for yarn and knitted fabric. It is used mainly in HB type (High-Bulk) and N (100% relaxed fiber).