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Continuation of cotton and Drytex®  blends:

  • Drytex®  does not need a violent opening process like cotton, since all the fibers are similar or the same. This reduces dirt in the preparation and spinning in 50% to 70% depending on the blend.
  • Drytex®  and cotton blend is great for summer clothing not just because of its light weight but also because of its resistance to colorfastness, washing and rubbing.
  • If we assume that only the acrylic part of the blend gets dyed. The pastel colors and light colors feel at sight as a similar color.


  • If necessary for light and middle solid colors the process can be carried out in a single dye bath.
  • The physical and color qualities of Drytex® are practically constant all year round. With the cotton mix they can change from batch to batch. Being blended with Drytex®  the cotton deficiencies go unnoticed especially when the Drytex®  is dyed and the cotton is not.

Alpaca and Drytex®  blends:

  • The alpaca and Drytex®  blend has also a better performance in knitted fabrics due to less specific weight form Drytex®.
  • The cloth or garments weigh less.
  • Using Drytex®  fiber of 1.6 dTex or 2.2 dTex you can obtain similar feel as baby alpaca.
  • More covering power due to the sponginess of the Drytex®. More meters of fabric with the same amount of kilos. You can make spinning type HB.
  • The alpaca part absorbs moister than Drytex®, this means that before a physical activity the garment absorbs faster more humidity in the alpaca part and eliminates it faster by the Drytex® part of the blend. Which is beneficial because it gives a comfortable sensation. The garment dries faster and with less heat.
  • The dimensional stability of the garment improves with the inclusion of Drytex®, which prevents the deformation that occurs due to use and washing.